Mondi继续将其产品的积极出口到今年,根据本公司俄罗斯俄罗斯附属公司的俄罗斯附属公司首席执行官Klaus Peller的最新陈述,该公司在俄罗斯Rossyiskay Gazeta商业纸上取得了采访。

根据Peller的说法,今年Mondi Slpk通过铁路运输开始将纸浆输出到中国。新利体育香港版

As Peller he also added the demand for Mondi SLPK products in the Chinese market is steadily growing, which is also due to the ongoing recovery of the country’s economy from the pandemic and its consequences and the active economic development of continental part of the country, particular its central and western provinces. The level of their economic development has always been significantly lower those located along the Pacific Belt, however in recent years the situation has changed.